Control Systems


WILSHIRE brings you state-of-the-art technology with the ultimate in control and convenience for your hearth.

When a WILSHIRE Gas Log set is equipped with the new Variable Flame Remote Control System, there is complete control at your fingertips. Just push a button to turn on the gas logs and adjust the flame height, from a roaring fire to glowing embers.


APK model numbers

APK 150M- (Model APK-150M) comes complete with a CSA design certified valve and heat shield. Receiver and hand-held remote options are also available.

The Variable Flame Height Remote Control System

A valve cover (pine cone or wood chunk) is included. Valve does not include controls.

Choose from Variable Remote 1 (VR-1) and Variable Remote 2 (VR-2) options..

Basic Variable Remote/ Transmitter Kit (VR-1)

  • Remote “On/Off” Control
  • Flame Height Control

Deluxe Variable Remote/ Transmitter Kit (VR-2)

  • Remote “On/Off” Control
  • Flame Height Control
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Timer Control (15 mins up to 9 hrs.)
  • Sound Control (On/Off for Optional “Crackler”)
  • Clock (Hrs./Mins.)
  • Room Temperature

Deluxe “On/Off” Remote/Transmitter Kit (RR-2)

  • Remote “On/Off” Control
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Timer Control (shut off between 15 minutes and 9 hours)
  • Sound Control (On/Off for Optional “Crackler” Model # CC1)
  • Room Temperature

Basic “On/Off” Remote/Transmitter Kit (RR-1)

  • Remote “On/Off” Control RR-1 / RR-2

Model #PCDC

Optional pine cone or wood chunk decorative covers are available to conceal receivers.

WILSHIRE’s Remote Control Compatability Chart

Burner / Valve System 10M Series 11M Series 12M Series 15M Series 16M Series 01M Series
RR-1 x x x x
RR-2 x x x x
VR-1 x
VR-2 x
PC-105 x x x x
PC-106 x
RUS-1 x x x x
RVF-1 x
WC-105 x x x x
WS-1 x x x x
WS-2 x x x x
WS-3 x
WS-4 x

WILSHIRE Remote Systems are designed to provide the ultimate in convenient and reliable lighting of your Gas Log Sets. Each APK System includes a Gas Valve with manual control (APK valves are C.S.A. Designed Certified for Natural and Propane Gas), Pilot Assembly (for instant lighting), and protective Heat Shield. A number of remote control options are available.

APK model numbers


Variable flame height remote control; includes RVF-1 transmitter & receiver. For log sets 16″ to 30″.


Low profile remote-ready control for log sets 16″ to 30″.


High BTU remote-ready control for log sets 16″ to 60″.

The SPK Manual Control Systems are easy to install, use no electricity, increase air flow to the valve, have heat shielding for greater protection, and include a built-in safety feature which shuts off gas flow should pilot flame go out. All our control systems use valves certified by C.S.A.


SPK 26
with low profile valve


SPK 32 & 33
have Piezo Matchless Intermittent Spark Ignition System


On/Off valves are CSA Certified. Available with know or steel rod handle


Control Options

WS-1 Wall Switch
WCS-1 Wood Chip Switch
RRF-1 110V RF Remote
RUS-1 RUS Remote
RVF-1 Variable Remote Transmitter/Receiver Set for HTUV and HG5 Models
PC-105 Pine Cone Remote
PC-500 Pine Cone Thermostatic Remote Control (for unvented gas log sets)
TS-12 Thermostatic Remote Control (for unvented gas log sets)