Care & Maintenance

All products have a baked-on enamel coating. If it becomes necessary to clean the glass or metal, wipe with a soft, clean, damp cloth. (For stubborn marks, fist use a mild soap solution.) Never use ammonia or ammonia based glass or household cleaners to clean the glass or metal, nor abrasive cleaners. These will damage or scratch the enamel and eventually the finish.

While a fire is burning keep the glass doors fully open. The fire will burn with a more natural flame and more efficient combustion and the glass will not become dirty from swirling ashes. Excessively large or hot fires, or fires too close to the firescreen can cause the enamel coating on the metal surfaces to be discolored by excessive heat, which can also cause the glass to break.

Caution: Acid and other chemicals are often used to clean new fireplaces and to remove excess mortar. Unless these are properly neutralized with a mild solution of household ammonia followed by a generous rinsing with water, highly caustic gases and acid fumes will be emitted. These can eat away the enamel coating and corrode metal surfaces. Acid damage is evidenced by heavy corrosion (rust in the case of steel, copper spotting in the case of brass). Acid damage is not covered by the warranty.

Near the ocean, the usual precautionary measures should be taken to protect the enamel and the finish: Apply a coat of carnauba wax or natural bees wax, maintaining regularly. Avoid heavy wax build-up that may trap dust or dirt. Buff the wax with a soft, clean, dry cloth between and after applications.

Mesh curtains require dusting occasionally with a soft brush.