Summer is almost over

That doesn’t mean it’s the end of barbecuing, smoking or grilling season. Don’t put those backyard toys away!

You can still use them all winter long. In California, we do our backyard grilling and smoking all year long.

In fact as the summer ends, the weather cools off and outdoor cooking or eating is more desirable. The nights might even be chilly. Not to worry!

Wilshire Fireplace, Okells and Wilshire Tulanians Fireplace and Barbeque can help you with those chilly evening.

All seven stores from San Diego to Sherman Oaks sell patio heaters. We sell both wall mount gas heaters and wall mount electric heaters. Don’t have a wall to hang your heater? Not a problem because we also sell those stand up heaters that you see in all of the restaurants.

The stand up heaters are available in either natural gas (hook up to your house gas) or liquid propane which uses a refillable tank. It doesn’t stop there. The natural stand up heaters are available as portables or permanent mount.

All Wilshire Fireplace shops offer installation for the permanent mount stand up heaters or we can arrange to have the wall mount type of heater installed for you.

The brands we carry in gas heaters are Sunglo, Sunpak, Twin Eagle, Luxor and Patio Comfort. We also offer delivery and set up at all seven stores. In electric we carry the Twin Eagle and Infratech heaters. Whatever your need, Wilshire Fireplace Shops has it.

Now that you took the chill out of your backyard it’s back to the barbecues.

Wilshire Fireplace and Barbeque Shops sell both portable and built-in barbecues. We also sell smokers and The Big Green Egg so… Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t buy a new grill.

If you already have that barbecue of your dreams you should be maintaining it. Just like a car there is maintenance that needs to be done to your BBQs if you want to be able to use them for many years, protecting your investment. Those are your babies… take care of them!

Wilshire Fireplace Shops offers a service where we come to your home to service or repair your barbecue. We also service patio heaters!

If you are one of those who decide to put your grill away for the winter, now is the time to service it. You wouldn’t want to pull out your barbecue on Memorial Day for that first party of the summer only to remember that it needed a little repair, would you? Do it now. Have it ready and able when you decide to use it again.

Wilshire Fireplace and Barbecue Shops carry a lot of different barbecue parts for most of the different brands and models or we’ll order what is needed to repair your grills.

We have new grills, burners, knobs, heat diffusers, flavor grills, warming racks… whatever you need to make your barbecue almost new again.

Wilshire Fireplace and Barbecues Shops are located in San Diego, Encinitas, Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades. In Hermosa Beach Wilshire is known as Okells Fireplace and Barbecue and in Sherman Oaks we’re Wilshire Tulanians Fireplace and Barbecue.