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These Electric Heaters are the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, or deck. Extend your outdoor entertaining by maintaining a warm, comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests well into a cool evening. The heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be installed at lower mounting heights (6-8 ft.), helping to maximize the heat where you need it the most, especially in coastal areas.

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Energy Efficient ? 90% of the input energy is converted directly to radiant heat.
The parabolic reflector is made of a special corrosive resistant alloy, an important feature for humid climates or windy areas.
Swivel mounting brackets allow 6" of clearance behind heater
UL Approved
Electric heaters are available in two sizes, 61" and 39". Specs for the 39" unit are as follows Length: 39? Volts: 240
Watts: 2500 Amps: 10.4
61" Length: 61? Volts: 240
Watts: 3500 Amps: 14.6


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