89-Sterling IV FR

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SKU: 9442


Tag(s): barbeques

Heavy duty 304 stainless Construction.
Stainless, non-mesh, infra-red burners with TEC's patented radiant infra-red emitter panel system.
Removable stainless inner trim panels for easy cleaning.
Easy-to-clean, narrow stainless cooking grids.
Angled, double-wall stainless hood.
Easy-to-clean, narrow stainless cooking grids.
Available accessories: Stainless steel Deep Fryer/Steamer, stainless steel Frying Griddle, Fryer Basket, Heavy-duty vinyl cover, and Rotisserie kit with 60-pound capacity motor and stainless rod and forks. Woodchips and pellets can be placed directly on glass panels adjacent to or below foods.


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